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Petite Silver Glitter Derby


LDWS-Glitter Derby-Handle
LDWS-Glitter Derby-Handle
LDWS-Glitter Derby-Full


Suitable as a formal walking accessory or a more distinctive everyday stick, the petite glitter derby is stylish and distinctive. The derby handle is made from smooth acrylic, laminated to enclose a layer of glittering silver lamé material on each side of the handle.  The centre of the handle is black acrylic, forming a smart black stripe along the top of the handle. Mounted on a lacquered beechwood shank and fitted with a smart chrome collar, this stick can be cut to an appropriate length for the user and is finished with a bell-shaped rubber ferrule for added grip on harder surfaces.

Weight: 291g

Ferrule size: 16mm

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Select, 30'', 31'', 32'', 33'', 34'', 35'', 36''

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