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Olive Derby on Ebony


GDWS-Olive on Ebony-SLB-Handle
GDWS-Olive on Ebony-SLB-Handle
GDWS-Olive on Ebony-SLB-Handle Angle
GDWS-Olive on Ebony-SLB-Full


A derby walking stick with an olive wood handle mounted on a Gabon ebony shank and fitted with a Sterling Silver lap-band. Olive wood, often the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity, has been significant in many cultures and religions around the world with branches of the tree found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. Ebony is a very dense black hardwood renowned for its naturally dark colour and strength. This walking stick can be cut to the appropriate length for the user and will be finished with a brass ferrule. An additional bell-shaped rubber ferrule is provided for added grip on hard surfaces.

Ferrule Diameter: 19mm

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Select, 33'', 34'', 35'', 36'', 37'', 38''