James Smith & Sons Umbrellas

Hazelwood House



Our Repair Service

James Smith & Sons aims to repair the umbrellas and walking sticks that we have made when possible and when the parts are available. Please note that the suppliers of umbrella parts change frequently and the parts used to repair your umbrella may differ from those originally used when manufacturing the item.

Please do not contact us regarding the repair or restoration of branded fashion umbrellas, antique umbrellas, parasols or walking sticks. Unfortunately, we do not know of any umbrella or walking stick restoration services available in the UK.


Sending us products for repair

We prefer to take repairs in the shop so we may assess the damage and give an estimate on the costs of having your item mended. However, we do understand that this is not always possible and we accept repairs by post.

Please send the umbrella back to us carefully wrapped and clearly labelled ‘Of British manufacture and my own property being returned to the UK for repair’. Please enclose a letter stating what is wrong with the umbrella and how the damage has occurred. Please include your contact information in order for us to inform you of the quote for repair.

Please do not send goods with parcel services like DHL, UPS or FEDEX as they charge excessive fees for customs clearance. 

We cannot send accurate repair quotes without having the umbrella properly assessed and tested.

Unfortunately we cannot give a quotation in advance for repairs. Return postage can cost between £8.50 – £84.00 depending on where it is being sent.


The repair process

Once we have the item we will assess and test it as best we can to ascertain what exactly needs to be done to repair it.

We will provide you with a repair reference number and with an estimate for the costs of the repairs and, when applicable, the return costs for getting your item back to you. We will also aim to inform you of the time that it might take to complete the necessary work.

We will await for your confirmation that you wish us to proceed with the repair.

Once the repair is completed and returns from the workshop we will contact you to inform you that the item is now ready for collection/delivery.