James Smith & Sons Umbrellas

Hazelwood House



Directed by former James Smith & Sons associate Daniel Turner, this short film discusses the survival of our umbrella business and how this interesting little umbrella shop on the corner of New Oxford Street has become known around the world for it’s handmade umbrellas and walking sticks.

Spring is on it’s way

3rd Feb 2021

Taking my morning walk I pass my favourite blackthorn tree.

It’s not much to look at, being by the side of two main roads and having been hacked back badly by the council.

But it is my guide to the coming of spring. Blackthorn is the first tree to blossom and my tree now has flowers on it

There are plenty other blackthorn in the area but this one is on the top of a hill and catches the rise and fall of the sun.

With this announcing the arrival of spring hopefully this will herald the end of lock down and the thought that things will start to get better

Bark Cherrywood walking stick and how to look after it.

15th Feb 2021

James Smith & Sons have been selling these traditional sticks for almost the whole of their long history.

Are you the owner of a bark cherrywood walking stick? It could have a crook handle, or if you are very fortunate, a knob root handle.

Most of the raw material used to come from the cherry forests of Poland, but the supply of these is now very limited and we have fewer and fewer each year to offer our customers.

If you have one, then it is a good idea to look after it. At James Smith, the method we use is to rub the bark down with old engine oil. Let it soak in overnight, then wipe off the excess the next day. If this is done regularly, the bark will become smooth and develop the sort of beautiful patina that is seen on antique furniture.

A last note: to avoid warping, keep the stick away from sources of direct heat.