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The Bark Blackthorn Root-Knob


GRKWS-Bark Blkthorn-SLB-Handle
GRKWS-Bark Blkthorn-SLB-Handle Angle
GRKWS-Bark Blkthorn-SLB-Full


A traditional knob handle country stick made from an selected piece of English blackthorn and fitted with a Sterling silver lap-band. Blackthorn is found in Ireland and the British Isles where it has long been prized for it’s durability and uniqueness. Carried by commissioned officers of the Royal Irish Regiment, these walking sticks have had their thorns removed leaving a distinctive texture. This walking stick can be cut to the appropriate length for the user and will be finished with a brass ferrule and an additional bell-shaped rubber ferrule for extra grip on harder surfaces.

Weight: 330 grams

Ferrule Diameter: 16mm – 19mm

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