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Pencil Umbrella with Parrot Handle


LTU-Parrot Pencil-Red-Handle
LTU-Parrot Pencil-Red-Handle
LTU-Parrot Pencil-Red-Handle Angle
LTU-Parrot Pencil-Red-Open
LTU-Parrot Pencil-Red-Rolled
LTU-Parrot Pencil-Red-End


Parrots have featured in human writings, story, art, humour, religion, and music for thousands of years. Adored by many for their brightly coloured feathers and their ability to talk, parrots are considered as the most intelligent of birds. Made famous in the feature length Disney film ‘Mary Poppins’, these handmade ladies umbrellas are conveniently sized, lightweight and strong. The animal head is made from acrylic and is mounted on a beechwood stem finished with a gilt collar and swedge.

Length: 71cm (30”)

Canopy Diameter: 88cm (34.6”)

Weight: 350 grams

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Black, Brown, Holly, Magenta, Navy, Red, Wine