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London Umbrella with Polished Maple Crook


GT-Med Maple-Blk-Handle
GT-Med Maple-Blk-Handle
GT-Med Maple-Blk-Open
GT-Dark Maple-Blk-Needle
GT-Med Maple-Blk-Rolled

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Handmade using our our lightweight yet sturdy fame, this smart umbrella is a valuable companion on those rainy days in the city. The maple (the same tree that is tapped for syrup) handle is scorched to darken the surface of the wood before applying a gloss varnish and fitting a gilt tip cup used to protect the frame when the umbrella is wet but not in use.

EDIT: Please note that the handle is now finished with a matt varnish and is a lot less shiny than the handle seen in the photograph. The photograph will be updated shortly.

Length: 91cm (35.8”)

Canopy Diameter: 104cm (40.9”)

Weight: 500 grams