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The City Umbrella with Carved Jaguar Handle


GBT-Carved Jaguar-Handle
GBT-Carved Jaguar-Handle
GBT-Carved Jaguar-Handle Angle
GBT-Carved Jaguar-Rolled
GBT-Carved Jaguar-Open
GBT-Carved Jaguar-End


The jaguar is the third-largest feline in the world after the tiger and the lion, and the largest in the Americas. A common fixture in the mythology of many native cultures in South America, usually being portrayed as the creature that gave humans the power over fire. The Jaguar head handle that adorns this substantial umbrella is hand carved from beech wood and makes this umbrella an eye catching accessory. The polyester cloth used for the umbrella cover achieves an attractive traditional umbrella shape when open and rolls neatly when closed. Handmade using the strongest materials available, this umbrella is a trusted companion that will keep you dry for years to come. This umbrella comes complete with a case that the umbrella can be kept in when not in use.

Length: 93cm (36.6”)

Canopy Diameter: 104cm (40.9”)

Weight: 600 grams

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Black, Brown, Holly, Navy

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