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Hazelwood House



Bark Hazel Root-Knob Solid Stick Umbrella


GSSU-Bark Hazel-Knob-Brown-Handle
GSSU-Bark Hazel-Knob-Brown-Handle
GSSU-Bark Hazel-Knob-Brown-Rolled
GSSU-Bark Hazel-Knob-Brown-Open
GSSU-Bark Hazel-Knob-Brown-End


Made with a selected single piece of hazel wood, this solid stick umbrella is both distinctive and durable. Usually grown for it’s cob nuts, the natural beauty of hazel wood is often overlooked. With a honey coloured surface, this lightweight yet strong wood is a durable accessory long associated with the English countryside. With a strong steel frame, these umbrellas are reliable companions built to last. This umbrella can be cut to the appropriate length for the user and will be finished with a brass ferrule.

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