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Bark Blackthorn Root-Knob Solid Stick Umbrella with Sterling Silver Lap-Band


GSSU-Bark Blackthorn-Knob-SLB-Blk-Handle
GSSU-Bark Blackthorn-Knob-SLB-Blk-Handle
GSSU-Bark Blackthorn-Knob-SLB-Blk-Open
GSSU-Bark Blackthorn-Knob-SLB-Blk-Rolled
GSSU-Bark Blackthorn-Knob-SLB-Blk-End


Blackthorn is found in Ireland and the British Isles where it has long been prized for it’s durability and uniqueness. Hand-made with a selected single piece of blackthorn fitted with a Sterling silver lap-band, this unusual solid stick umbrella can only be produced when the raw materials are available. With a strong steel frame, these umbrellas are reliable companions built to last. This umbrella can be cut to the appropriate length for the user and will be finished with a brass ferrule.