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Pierre Vaux Wooden Crook


GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Handle
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Rolled
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Handle
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Nvy-Open
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Grn-Open
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Brwn-Open
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Open


Pierre Vaux has been manufacturing umbrellas in France since 1920. This sturdy steel-framed folding umbrella is both convenient and reliable, finished with a smart scorched maple wood crook handle. Automatically opened by pressing a button on the handle,  this umbrella is simple to close and folds away into a protective case when not in use.

Length: 44cm (17.3”)

Canopy Diameter: 97 cm (38.2”)

Weight: 500 grams