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Pierre Vaux Wooden Crook


GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Handle
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Rolled
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Handle
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Nvy-Open
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Grn-Open
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Brwn-Open
GFOLDU-Vaux Wood Crook-Blk-Open


Pierre Vaux has been manufacturing umbrellas in France since 1920. This sturdy steel-framed folding umbrella is both convenient and reliable, finished with a smart scorched maple wood crook handle. Automatically opened by pressing a button on the handle,  this umbrella is simple to close and folds away into a protective case when not in use.

Please note that the handles may vary to the one shown in the product photographs. More recent supplies of these umbrellas are often made using a willow handle rather than a maple one and may have a logo plate pinned to the handle.

Length: 44cm (17.3”)

Canopy Diameter: 97 cm (38.2”)

Weight: 500 grams