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Knirps Topmatic SL Wood Crook


Topmatic SL Crook-Rolled
GFOLDU-Knirps Topmatic Crook-Blk-Open
Topmatic SL Crook Black inside
Topmatic Black Open copy

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Knirps invented the folding umbrella and have been manufacturing and developing their products since 1928. Engineered in Germany, this sturdy steel-framed folding umbrella is both convenient and reliable. The handle is made with a lightly scorched maple wood which can be hooked over the arm when necessary. Automatically opened by pressing the iconic red button, the umbrella is simple to close and folds away in a protective case when not in use.

Length: 41.5cm (16.3”)

Canopy Diameter: 102cm (40.2”)

Weight:  540 grams