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The Supercrook S200


SS-Supercrook S200 BROWN-Handle
SS-Supercrook S200 BROWN-Handle
SS-Supercrook S200 BROWN-Handle Angle
SS-Supercrook S200 BROWN-Full
SS-Supercrook S200 BLACK-Handle
SS-Supercrook S200 BLACK-Handle Angle
SS-Supercrook S200 BLACK-Full


Our┬áseat sticks are hand crafted in Walsall, West Midlands and are easily opened into a seat when a rest is required. These are also known as ‘shooting sticks’ due to their popularity on British pheasant and grouse shoots. The Supercrook S200 comes complete with a detachable ground plate for use on softer turf and an exchangeable rubber ferrule for use in the city, at museums and other places where the ground may be harder.

Weight: 650 grams

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Black, Brown


33'', 34'', 35'', 36'', 37''