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Bark Blackthorn with Peeled Crook


GCWS-Bark Ash Peeled Crook-SLB-Handle
GCWS-Bark Ash Peeled Crook-SLB-Handle
GCWS-Bark Ash Peeled Crook-SLB-Handle Angle
GCWS-Bark Ash Peeled Crook-SLB-Full


A traditional but increasingly unusual crook handled country stick made from an selected piece of English blackthorn and fitted with a Sterling silver lap-band. Blackthorn is found in Ireland and the British Isles where it has long been prized for it’s durability and uniqueness. These beautiful, dark-red walking sticks have had their thorns removed leaving a distinctive texture that attracts much admiration. The bark from the top of the crook handle peeled off to produce a smoother surface for the hand of the intended user. This walking stick can be cut to the appropriate length for the user and will be finished with a brass ferrule and an additional bell-shaped rubber ferrule for extra grip on harder surfaces.

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