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London Umbrella with Sherlock Holmes Handle


GT-Sherlock Holmes-Blk-Handle
GT-Sherlock Holmes-Blk-Handle Angle
GT-Sherlock Holmes-Blk-Handle
GT-Sherlock Holmes-Blk-Open
GT-Sherlock Holmes-Blk-Rolled
GT-Sherlock Holmes-Blk-End

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A homage to the fictional detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. First appearing in print in 1887, Sherlock Holmes is now known around the world and is  the “most portrayed movie character” in history. The decorative resin mould is fitted to a beech wood stem and finished with gilt furnishings.

Handmade with our own lightweight yet durable frame this umbrella is perfect for those wet commutes in the city.

Length: 93cm (36.6”)

Canopy Diameter: 104cm (40.9”)

Weight: 550 grams


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