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London Umbrella with 8-Ball Handle


GT-8 Ball-Blk-Handle
GT-8 Ball-Blk-Handle
GT-8 Ball-Blk-Handle Top
GT-8 Ball-Blk-Rolled
GT-8 Ball-Blk-Open
GT-8 Ball-Blk-End

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Eight-ball, often referred to as Pool, is a popular billiards game around the world. The iconic 8-ball is the last ball to to be sunk before the game is won. The decorative resin mould is fitted to a beech wood stem and finished with gilt furnishings.

Handmade with our own lightweight yet durable frame this umbrella is perfect for those wet commutes in the city.

Length: 90cm (35.4”)

Canopy Diameter: 104cm (40.9”)

Weight: 470 grams


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