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Peeled-Oak Root-Nose Fit-Up


GFU-Oak RN-SLB-Blk-Handle
GFU-Oak RN-SLB-Blk-Handle
GFU-Oak RN-SLB-Blk-Rolled
GFU-Oak RN-SLB-Blk-Open
GFU-Oak RN-SLB-Blk-End


Handmade using an unusual peeled oak handle fitted to a polished oak stick, this distinctive umbrella is strong and trustworthy. A hard, ridged surface, the handle has an unusual bulbous root at the nose of the crook and is finished with a Sterling silver lap band. The umbrella will be adjusted to the correct length for the intended user and finished with a brass ferrule.

Canopy Diameter: 104cm (40.9”)

Weight: 720 grams