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Handmade Turned Maple Handle with Leather Sling


LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Cranberry Red-Handle
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Navy Blue-Rolled
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Navy Blue-Handle
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Navy Blue-Open
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Cranberry Red-Rolled
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Cranberry Red-Handle
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Cranberry Red-Open
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Copper Orange-Rolled
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Copper Orange-Handle
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Copper Orange-Open
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Pine Green-Rolled
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Pine Green-Handle
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Pine Green-Open
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Sapphire Blue-Rolled
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Sapphire Blue-Handle
LFOLDU-Turned Maple-Sapphire Blue-Open


This handmade folding umbrella, finished with a turned maple wood handle, is as beautiful as it is practical. Lightweight and sturdy, this convenient folding umbrella is hand made with our strongest steel frame. Ideal for city commuters and those that enjoy travelling, the manual opening mechanism is reliable and easy to use. The handle is fitted with a leather sling that can be worn on the shoulder when the umbrella is not in use. Available in many more colours and patterns from our shop.

Length: 38cm (14.9”)

Canopy Diameter: 93cm (36.6”)

Weight: 480 grams

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Copper Orange, Cranberry Red, Navy Blue, Pine Green, Sapphire Blue

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